Month: June 2013

Monica Lewinsky still makes news

The auction of items once belonging to Monica Lewinsky prompts two questions: Does it include the infamous blue dress? Nope. Who’s gonna buy this stuff? Probably not a serious presidential memorabilia collector. The lot of 32 items — shirts, a

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Julia Gillard speeches inspire new verbatim play

If Julia Gillard’s abrupt oustingby her predecessor and bitter rival Kevin Rudd made Australian politics look dramatic, a new verbatim play based on parliamentary records will aim to capture that drama. With elections looming, playwright Katie Pollock and political writer

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Ghana Gets advanced Fab Lab

Remember the Star Trek Replicator machine? It made a copy of all the molecules of any given object and stored them in what would have to be the universe’s biggest database. Whenever Kirk or crew needed anything, the Replicator would

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NSA leaks: Wikileaks’ Assange asylum bid for Snowden

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is trying to broker a deal that would see US surveillance programme leaker Edward Snowden granted asylum in Iceland. Mr Assange said he had been in touch with lawyers for Mr Snowden, who fled to Hong

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