Month: January 2016

How To Feed Ghana and Africa – the Justice Baidoo Way – AfricanPod Ep 5

On the AfricanPod today, a young man from Africa decides to stop talking and rather act and show how and why it is possible to feed Ghana and Africa with simple modern methods of Farming.  My name is Phillip Nyakpo,

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Africa and Australia – the Collaboration of two Continents – AfricanPod Ep 4

In this episode of AfricanPod, we take a look at Africa and Australia – the collaboration of two continents. These two continents that are so far apart, and challenges in collaboration is a significant issue.These include a range of cultural,

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Nigeria Slaps MTN with 5 Billion Dollar Fine – AfricanPod Episode 3

In this episode of AfricanPod, Muhammadu Buhari’s government in Nigeria has a strong message for multinational companies, and it is this: a government’s regulatory power can always be exercised to ensure multinational companies remain at par with the law, and

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