Addressing Ghana’s Energy Shortfall: Solar vrs Nuclear


Which way – Nuclear or Solar?

In early 2013, Ghana and Russia signed a low-keyed agreement to address the nation’s serious energy shortfall through nuclear power generation.

But a Ghanaian Engineer based in Melbourne, Australia is putting out a strong argument that nuclear power for the developing nation is unsafe and too risky.

Instead, Mr Julius Badu recommends an aggressive programme for solar power generation. According to him, any move towards nuclear power development should be “the very last option,” while every effort is made to take advantage of the generous availability of sunshine.

The 18-page paper released by Julius Badu also advocates that in the event that the government of Ghana makes an irrevocable decision to go ahead with building a nuclear plant with Russian help, the Ghanaian populace should be given the opportunity to vote on the issue in a special referendum. [Click here to read the paper]

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