Snowden abandoned in the Terminal?

By Phillip Nyakpo –
More than a week has passed, and Edward Snowden is still still stuck in a Russian airport terminal. what-do-you-think-of-national-security-leaker-edward-snowden-pollUnited States is concerned that the Russians are milking the 30 year old former CIA employee turned whistleblower who has some seriously classified information. [Click here to listen to this article in audio]

Putin denies, and says the Kremlin wants to see him exit his country, “the sooner the better.”

But that’s where it all gets messy, because being stuck at the Sheremetyevo International Airport means Snowden is technically not in Russia, and Russian officials have said seven million times that he has no visa to clear immigration.

Snowden’s precious US passport was red-flagged and promptly cancelled as the US took baby-steps to have Hong Kong and China extradite him. But then a set of complex circumstances meant Snowden was able to leave Hong Kong with some legal papers issued by Ecuadoran officials.

It was boldly announced then that Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks was instrumental in getting Snowden further away from the world’s lone superpower. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks itself currently has a lot of sympathy from the government of Ecuador. Here again, it gets complicated, because the President of Ecuador has all but disowned Snowden. He admitted that Ecuador helped Snowden with a temporary travel pass to depart Hong Kong, but that “it was a mistake.”

Speaking in an interview with the Guardian, President Correa said his government will not give Snowden an authorised travel document to extract him from Moscow airport, insisting Snowden is now Russia’s responsibility.

Prior to making this public statement, President Correa had spoken to US Vice President Joe Biden. Obama instructed Biden to put pressure on world leaders to give up Snowden, and Biden seems to be making quite an impression on the Ecuadorian President for now.

Even Russian President Vladimir Putin now says it is in Russia’s interest that Snowden stops leaking US secrets, and at the same time expressed doubts that he will stop leaking.

It is not clear where all this is going for Snowden, even as he continues life in limbo – in a Russian airport Terminal.

If Hollywood contemplates a movie on Snowden, it could it could be called Terminal 2013 – and it could be more tantalising than the original movie THE TERMINAL. The THE TERMINAL 2013 will be based on a real life spy considered both as a villain and a hero who gets a dozen world leaders talking about him.

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  1. Kurt Beatle says:

    It’s a hard life being a whistleblower. One day he will be free.

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